Ethical Forestry sustainable Timber Investments,    If you require an investment that offers good returns, stability and security, then our timber investments deserve your consideration.

A typical forestry investment of £18,000 over 12 years projects returns of £104,189. The investments pay out in regular intervals, making them ideal for pensions, savings plans and family trusts.

Historically, financial institutions have invested in timber and produced consistent long-term profits for themselves. They offer steady, stable increases with predictably high returns, and as they are not correlated to the stock market, they do not suffer from unpredictable peaks and troughs.

As the demand for timber is projected to rise in line with the growth of the global population (as much as 55.88% by 2050 - UN), primarily being driven by countries such as China & India and their insatiable appetite for construction timber & energy wood, investing in timber simply makes sense.

Secure, Dependable & Stable

Our plantations are run on a ‘for profit’ basis, clearly focused on healthy returns for investors whilst offering a high level of investor security. For this purpose, Ethical Forestry own all of our plantations outright, have onsite management teams caring for them on a daily basis, supply individual GPS (global positioning system) reference points for each planted tree and process all timber through their bespoke timber mills.

This attention to detail makes Ethical Forestry unique within the market place as we manage the whole process for investors, from seed to selling the valuable timber.

Ethical Forestry know that investing for profit and having a clear conscious are important considerations for investors. For every plantation we buy, we also purchase existing wild forests and place them within our forestry easement trust. This easement trust preserves these valuable forests, creates carbon sinks and protects the wildlife within them that can be so easily lost.

"As an asset class, timber - a renewable resource with constant product demand - stands out as a remarkably stable investment"

Bloomberg Wealth Manage